Bottom Line Faith

When God Transforms Your View of Business with Jeff Williams

June 05, 2018

Jeff Williams started his career as an entrepreneur by establishing and nurturing customer relationships. He quickly leveraged his drive, vision and passion for business to become owner and CEO of FF&S, a consulting firm that specializes in enterprise business materials management.

Since taking over full ownership of the company in January 2011, FF&S has tripled in size reaching banks from Vermont to California.

1:21– A little about FF&S
3:46– What was the process of buying FF&S?
5:54– Some advice for your 20-year-old self
8:02– My testimony
8:48– When did you first start to see yourself as having that entrepreneurial edge and want to be a business owner?
10:57– How do you try to live out your faith in the marketplace on a daily basis?
12:51– Share a tough time when you were challenged to really live out your faith.
17:02– A piece of encouragement
19:14– What resources do you use to grow as a leader?
23:00– What do you want to be true of you and your company fifteen years from now?
26:06– The 4:23 Question

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