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Leading with Passion and Accountability with Troy Duell

February 06, 2018

Troy Duell currently serves as the CEO of Centurion Labs, LLC. His most important role is as the husband of Brooks and the father of their 3 children. His goal is to develop a pharmaceutical company that “Leads to Make Life Better.” This is done through every interaction at every level of Centurion: employees, customers, doctors and pharmacies. He previously held positions as National Director of Training, Interim District Sales Manager, Territory Manager, District Trainer and Corporate Training Coordinator for Athlon Pharmaceuticals, Actelion and Allergan. He was a professional soccer player, teacher and coach before entering the pharmaceutical industry. Duell holds a B.S from University of Alabama and an M.A. from Regent University.

4:38– What is Centurian Labs?
8:10– My career background
12:08– Advice for those with a vision
13:28– What have you learned about yourself in the last ten years since starting the business?
14:46– What practical practices or disciplines you have instituted in the company that is based on biblical principles?
16:24– How does being in business challenge your faith?
20:25– What is some of the best advice you’ve ever been given?
23:57– What inspired the name “Centurion Labs”?
26:45– The Proverbs 4:23 Question

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