Bottom Line Faith

Models For Pursuing God’s Plan Over Your Own with Steve Znachko

December 05, 2017

Today’s show features Steve Znachko, President and CEO of Znachko and Associates.

“He said ‘Steve, I realized that when I would come out of a transplant, and I would save a child, and the family would look at me and say, ‘Thank God,’ I actually had in my mind that I saved that child not God, because I did the skill, I did the touch, I did this thing. I realize today that outside of God’s touch I am no better than that hammer that is on your workbench.’ And it set him free.”

2:30–How did you get started in business and why?
14:05–A word of encouragement
16:15–How have you integrated your faith into your work?
26:50–The 4:23 question

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