Bottom Line Faith

Sharon Pierce – Bottom Line Faith Episode 16

May 09, 2017

This episode of Bottom Line Faith features Sharon Pierce, President and CEO of The Villages.

“We are seeing an unprecedented need for caring adults, adults of faith, who have a faith community around them to support them in this world. And we know that not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but if you know a foster or adoptive parent, saying “I’ll help you one evening a week” or “Let me take the kids to church so that you two can go to the grocery after the service is over” are ways that we can sustain that single family for each child that we’re privileged to serve, and grow the faith community around theseĀ children so that they see they are a person of value, not only in God’s eyes but in our worldly eyes.”

Sharon has served as The Villages’ President and CEO since 1992. She has also served as the Deputy Director of the Indiana Division of Family and Children, where she oversaw Indiana’s state child welfare system. Sharon is also a member of numerous boards and service organizations promoting the best interest of children including Prevent Child Abuse America, the IARCCA Public Policy Committee, the IARCCA Institute for Excellence, where she serves as chairwoman, and the Child Welfare League of America, for whom she is also a National Child Welfare Trainer and consultant for the organization.

Sharon holds a Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration and Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in English from Ball State University.

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