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Practicing the Love of God at Work with Mark Robison

April 25, 2018

“I come to work each day knowing that it’s not about insurance. Churches are developing exciting ministries that reach the world in a new way, and we’re here to encourage them, yet protect them while they do it.”

Mark Robison joined Brotherhood Mutual in 1994 as assistant vice president of finance. In February 2008, he became president and CEO and in 2009, he was named Chairman and president. Before coming to Brotherhood Mutual, he worked for seven years at Ernst & Young, LLP as manager of auditing.

Robison holds a degree in accounting from Manchester College, earned his CPA license in 1989, and completed his Associate in Risk Management (ARM) in 2016.

Mark is a proud husband and father. He is also a Fort Wayne resident and a member of Heartland Community Church.

1:29–A little about Brotherhood Mutual
3:53–My journey to Brotherhood Mutual
6:26–What does daily life look like for you as President & Chairman of the company?
8:32–What are you seeing happen in the church today?
13:31–A little about Faith Ventures
20:08–Some of the lessions I’ve learned in leadership
24:24–What are the top Biblical priciples you use in leadership to guide your decision making, your day to day leadership, etc.?
27:28–A word of encouragement
29:14–The 4:23 Question

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