Bottom Line Faith

Discovering True Fulfillment in the Marketplace with Jonathan Reynolds

May 09, 2018

2:44– A little of my background
4:05– Where does your bubbly spirit come from?
5:30– What was in your dreams when you were young?
10:05– A little about Titus Talent Strategies
13:41– Some tips on finding good talent in the work place
18:11– Why is the idea of personal identity so important to you?
21:49– What is one of the biggest mistakes or failures you’ve been through and what did God teach you as a result of that?
24:04– What’s the best advise you’ve been given in business?
25:48– What advise would you give your 20 year old self?
28:02– Advise for those that are discouraged
30:36– The 4:23 Question

“What I achieve and accomplish is not important to the LORD compared to what’s going on in my heart. Jesus delt with the heart. I can say, “look at what I have achieved and accomplished” and suddenly my chest goes out and I feel like I did a good job because I got some attaboys and pats on the back. Does that matter in the light of eternity? Does that matter to the one who really matters?”

Jonathan is a visionary and entrepreneur. He is energized by inspiring leaders and equipping them with unique approaches to better understand their people, and creating high-performing teams. Originally from the UK, now living in the US since 1998, Jonathan has almost 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry. He started Titus Talent after experiencing firsthand that the traditional recruiting models were broken. Jonathan currently leads a unique, fast-growing, 100% mobile team of talent consultants who are located across the US. Jonathan is also a husband and father of three.

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