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Trusting God with Your Business with John Lovoy

September 26, 2017

John Lovoy is the CEO of Infomedia, a website service provider for businesses. Throughout his career, he has learned to trust God with his company and use it to impact employees and clients for Christ.

After graduating from Auburn University as an engineer, John worked for Texas Instruments and Samsonite before returning to Birmingham, Alabama to buy his father’s discount bargain store. In the course of a few years, John turned the store into a successful beauty supply chain with forty-two employees.

But God had other plans and John suddenly lost the business, went $500,000 in debt, and had to take a job doing door-to-door sales for an alarm company. Through it all, God taught John to trust fully in Him, and follow God’s direction. In 1996, John bought Infomedia, a company that develops, supports, and markets websites. Since then, he has led the business through good and bad by pursuing integrity, bringing value to the customer, and serving his employees.

2:18–What is your story and background?
7:26–In the midst of your difficulty, how did you learn to depend on God daily?
10:12–What’s one of the hardest decisions you’ve had to make in business and how did your faith inform that?
16:16–What is the balance between stress and trust?
21:45–How does your faith inform the way you terminate employees?

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