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Diligently Serving People with Gray Shipley

January 30, 2018

Gray Shipley is a partner at both the Birmingham Technology Group and Shipley Farms Beef Company. The Birmingham Technology Group (BTG), based out of Birmingham, Alabama, provides metal manufacturing and fabrication to customers throughout the Southeast. Their goal is to build a successful and profitable missions-focused manufacturing business that reaches people for the gospel.
Gray is also a fifth-generation partner in the Shipley Farms Beef Company. Shipley Farms began in 1872 when Nathan and Sarah Shipley purchased 115 acres of farmland in Vilas, NC. Since then, the Shipley family has been breeding and raising premium quality beef on the family farm in the heart of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

3:10–My background
4:25–My testimony
7:57–Shipley Farm Beef
9:37–Birmingham Technology Group
19:58–What do you see in this next generation that they are getting right? And what advice would you give to them about something they may need to focus on?
24:13–The 4:23 question

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