Bottom Line Faith

Developing Your Talents to Serve Others with Francine Carter

June 20, 2017

This episode of Bottom Line Faith features Francine Carter, Owner and President of Action Coaching & Training, LLC.

“My faith plays into my own faith in me, and [the talents] God has given me, and for me to develop those talents so that I can be a help and be able to talk [about] spirituality and not be afraid of it; being able to talk [about] a religion even if I don’t understand it.”

2:35–A little about your background
10:40–How would you as a couch advise someone to wrestle through a big issue?
17:30–Have you ever not accepted a client, and why?
20:25–What is a big mistake you’ve made and what have you learned from it?
25:00–The 4:23 question

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