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Faithfully Changing the Cost of Healthcare with Rod Reasen

July 17, 2018

1:21– About Springbuk
4:19– What is your role at Springbuk? And how did you get there?
7:18– My testimony
9:21– When did the integration of faith and business happen for you?
14:16– What are some biblical principles that are foundational to you and your leadership?
16:52– What are a couple of difficult decision your faith helped get you through?
18:38– How does running your fact-based, statistically driven business ballance out with living a life of faith?
21:43– What’s the biggest mistake you can recall making in business? And how did your faith get you through that?
23:33– What do you wish someone would’ve told you in your first year of being an entrepreneur?
24:14– How would you explain the difference between fear and wisdom and dicernment?
26:42– A piece of advice
27:36– The 4:23 Question

Rod is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of one of Indianapolis’ most successful tech startups, Springbuk, which is helping solve the ever-increasing burden of healthcare on the US economy by actively using data to prevent disease.

Rod is a successful businessman, whose faith has been an integral part of both his personal and professional life. Over the last two decades, he has started and sold 5 companies ranging from realestate and financial services to insurance and population health.

His inquisitive and intuitive nature has led to disrupting antiquated business models with progressive products and strategies typically not yet introduced to the system. 

Rod seeks to find the truth in a market and build a business that solves the problem rather than treating the symptoms. 
He is an active leader in discipleship, men’s group, and with his local church.

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