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The Power of Godly Counsel with David Lamb

March 06, 2018

David Lamb is a marketing strategist, media veteran, entrepreneur, and speaker. As founder of David Lamb Marketing, he leads a digital marketing firm focused on helping businesses get noticed and gain traction in a loud and crowded marketplace by utilizing proven marketing processes and strategies.

As a former news anchor and radio host, for 25-years David had the honor of meeting many amazing leaders including George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Michael Jordan.

David is also a highly sought speaker to faith, business, and civic groups. David and his wife Sonya make their home in Birmingham, Alabama and are the proud parents of Jessica, Isabella, and Will.

3:22– A little on my career path
6:00– What are you doing now with David Lamb Marketing?
9:28– A twist in my story
15:08– A word of advice
26:30– The 4:23 question

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