Bottom Line Faith

Building Faith and Homes with Guy East

May 30, 2018

3:18– My background and testimony
6:39– How did your faith become really real for you?
11:48– A little about Eastway Custom Homes
16:29– What is the hardest thing you’ve been through as a business owner? And how did your faith help you through it?
26:16– Advise the 20 year old you
27:49– The 4:23 Question

Home building has been in Guy’s family for several generations. Guy has been an owner of the UBuildIt franchise since 1999, and he started Eastway Custom Homes in the late 1980’s.

Eastway Custom Homes strives to shift the focus of home-building back to the original intent of a home as found in the Bible. Through their Discipleship Builder Program, building crews as well as home-buyers walk through a three-month training program where they get to experience the building process while gaining knowledge and reverence for what a home should really be.

Guy hold degrees in both architecture and construction management.

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