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A Purpose Driven Organization with Cord Sachs

September 14, 2017

Today’s guest is Cord Sachs, CEO of FireSeeds.


“God aligns circumstances in work to move someone where they’re not producing anymore, to where they can maximize their productivity.”

Cord Sachs discovered a passion for discipleship while still in college, and in 2011, Cord founded FireSeeds with a vision for multiplying leaders in the for-profit business space to create exponential impact.

FireSeeds is committed to training, refining, and developing leaders in life and growth. The FireSeeds Team specializes in partnering with purpose-driven companies to recruit dynamic leaders and install leader-development strategies in their world-changing endeavors. It is a catalyst for companies with the desire to invest in their team and positively impact their clients and communities.

Visit them online at

2:15–A little about your background
8:50–Tell us about your company
15:00–What is the hardest decision you’ve made in business and how did your faith play a role in that?
28:10–The 4:23 question

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