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Serving the Employees Who Need It Most with John Rush

August 29, 2017

Today’s guest is John Rush, CEO of CleanTurn Enterprises.

“What else can I do to really have a practical impact on the lives of those that I’m having an opportunity to influence? I had thought at that point that my calling was to serve in pastoral ministry, preach the Word, and see lives changed.  When I decided to make the transition from pastoral ministry to step into full-time business management, it was certainly a large learning curve for me.”

CleanTurn Enterprises provides an array of supportive services with a focus on creating a platform for individuals to realize their potential as human beings. Visit them on their website at

1:20–A little about your background
11:40–What is the biggest mistake you ever made?
20:40–What advice would you have for someone seeking to hire an employee with a dark past?
26:40–The 4:23 question

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