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Pursuing People Over Profit with Bill Hart

March 27, 2018

Bill Hart specializes in helping companies grow revenue through leadership development and improving the buyer/seller relationship by aligning a company’s sales strategy and tactics with how customers buy.

Bill has worked as an entrepreneur in the IT and medical fields, as a VP of Sales in the medical field, and numerous other companies across many industries for the last 29 years. Through these business experiences and his extensive training, Bill developed a methodology to help clients apply what he has learned in the areas of sales, business leadership, and personal growth.

After selling his business in 2010, Bill was hired by Alagasco–a local natural gas utility company–as a consultant to help increase their sales and make the company a more sales-centric organization. Bill developed customized training on leadership, sales skills, and coaching sales representatives and managers.

In addition to helping individual companies, Bill writes curriculum and teaches courses on sales, leadership, personal development, parenting, and marriage. He also authored a personal leadership book titled Life, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Bill and his wife have been married for 26 years and have two grown daughters. He also has a great passion for the outdoors and enjoys mountain biking, road biking, running, whitewater kayaking, and fly-fishing.

3:10– What is Bill Hart Business Growth and What has God called you to do in the marketplace?
6:45– What specific biblical principles form the foundation God has given you to teach companies and leaders to help them sell in a biblical way?
11:01– A little bit about my background
12:22– What I’ve learned through some of the hard times
17:17– A word of encouragement
19:55– What are some of the challenges you have living out your faith in the business world?
26:31– The 4:23 Question

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